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Essay Contests

Each year we work with hundreds of regional teachers and organizations to provide an essay contest based on a relevant topic. The essay goes out every fall and is awarded at the end of the year. 

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Traveling Trunk/Footlocker

Do you know what a footlocker is? We offer a traveling footlocker presentation education program centered around items used by soldiers. As a veteran-led program, students get the opportunity to ask questions, learn and immerse themselves in our artifacts. Included is a starter discussion on women’s involvement, ages of soldiers and the Twin Ports during WWII.

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Vietnam Veterans Presentation

The Vietnam veterans program focuses on the lives of three American soldiers, Clint, Ryan and Eual. These three will take you through their experiences on the home-front and how their lives changed during the Vietnam war. This is suitable for grades 8 and up; it is also available as a traveling program in-person or online!

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Footlocker Presentation

Our footlocker presentation opens the door to military equipment, uniforms, and women’s involvement. Suitable for most grade, this presentation is run by our volunteers who interact with students and help them understand military history from a veterans perspective! This opportunity can also come to you – we offer traveling programs that will bring this information into your classroom in person or online!

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Bong Squadron

During the summer and fall months, we hire high school students to run our guided tours as a first job opportunity. They get experience working in a professional environment that is flexible to their needs as students! Interested in working here? Contact us!

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Did you know we hire interns? Our staff can provide great work experience for students looking to go into Museum Studies, Marketing, Business Management, Collections, Social Media and more! We accept any college student from any local institution.

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Group/School Tours

We offer great rates for schools and groups that are interested in touring our museum! Every year we get to meet so many great organizations that come to visit. Each trip is unique and customizable to your needs. We hit both Minnesota and Wisconsin curriculum requirements.

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Junior Curator Program

The Junior Curator Program runs during the summer with students registering by May. Students may choose a partner to work with to build a 3-D exhibit including an oral history session which is on display in our museum for a full calendar year! This experience looks great on resumes and helps students interact with veterans from their community.

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STEM Resources

We look to build our STEM resources soon. For now, let us direct you to those who have it down.


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