Mission: Marge

Bags packed and the model of “Marge” cradled with care in its box, Justin and his team embark on the first leg of their journey. As the miles pass beneath them, the model remains a constant companion. Hand-carried and guarded with vigilance, it serves as a reminder of the commitment and devotion to this project.

The first leg of their journey lands them in Manila, a city steeped in the echoes of war. They take us with them to see some of these remnants of the past. Justin and the team take us into the heart of Fort Drum and let us vicariously tour this relic of WWII history. 

At the Manila American Cemetery, row upon row of white crosses bear silent witness to the cost of freedom. Here lie the fallen—men who gave their lives in service to their country.

Justin and his team pay their respects to all our fallen soldiers, and specifically seek out the names of four men who flew alongside Major Bong. A somber reminder of the many lives lost during WWII.  This expedition, while exciting and full of hopeful enthusiasm, is also a journey to honor and remember all those who lost their lives.  It’s about those who fought and the horrors they faced with resolve and courage.  

Stay tuned as we continue to follow the team into the heart of history, in search of a lost hero and the legacy he left behind.


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