Mission: Marge

As Justin and his team step ashore from their small boat the excitement is clear. The boat, adorned with the flags of Papua New Guinea and the United States, symbolizes the essential partnership that underpins this expedition. The local community’s support is invaluable, and their collaboration with Justin’s team highlights the shared respect and common goals that drive this mission.

Justin and his team make their way to the first crash site known to the people of the area. 

Upon reaching the site, the team examines the wreckage. Though the discovery is not “Marge,” it still holds significant historical value. Justin identifies the aircraft as a Japanese “Oscar,”. 

Luckily this is not the only site.  The local people know of one other crash site that holds potential.  So the team is off to the next one, still hopeful.  

Stay tuned as we follow Justin’s journey, uncovering the hidden stories of WWII and honoring the legacy of heroes past.

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