Embarking on the Expedition: Setting Sail from Madang

Justin and his team make their final preparations in Madang. Supplies are loaded into a small fishing boat, covered by a tarp to protect against the elements. This is the first leg of the real expedition, the point where the mission transitions from planning to execution.

Justin purchasing provisions at the local hardware store.

It’s hard not to think of Major Bong and the men of WWII and what it was like for them to arrive in PNG.  They faced the dual battles of aerial combat and the harsh conditions on the ground. Building airfields in the jungle, clearing living areas, and adapting to a foreign climate and culture—all while fighting a war—demanded extraordinary resilience and determination.

For Bong and his comrades, the support of the local people was invaluable, much like it is for Justin today. The bond between the soldiers and the residents of Papua New Guinea was forged in wartime conditions and it continues to be honored through missions like this.

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