Building Partnerships: Meeting with Madang Officials

Justin and Steve’s journey in Madang extends beyond preparations and supplies. Today, they have a crucial meeting with the local officials, including the governor of Madang Province, Hon. Ramsey Pariwa. This meeting is vital for fostering the connections and securing the permissions necessary for their expedition.

In the governor’s office, Justin carefully places the model of the P-38 Lightning on the table, its presence immediately drawing attention. As Justin explains the purpose of their journey, he highlights the importance of Major Richard Ira Bong’s legacy and the profound respect they have for the people of Papua New Guinea.

The connections Justin makes with the local officials are incredibly important. This mission isn’t just about uncovering history; it’s about honoring the shared heritage between the United States and Papua New Guinea. 

Stay tuned as we continue to follow Justin’s journey, united in partnership and purpose, in the heart of Papua New Guinea.

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