Shot Down


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Shot Down

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By Steve Snyder

“Shot Down” is no ordinary memoir of World War 2. It reveals the hopes, dreams and fears of a remarkable group of men and the people that loved, cared and hid them after their plane was knocked out of the sky over the French/Belgian border.
Author Steve Snyder puts you in the front row, a voyeur, as each day unfolds. Meet the 10 man crew of the B-17 “Susan Ruth” and experience first-hand their riveting experiences as their stories flow from page to page.
You will be in the cockpit during the battle in the air; feel the heat of the flames enveloping the crew as they plummet toward the ground; experience the adrenaline flowing as they bail out; sense the relief of rescue and sanctuary; the heartbreak of betrayal and death; face the hardship of capture and concentration camps; and be with Howard Snyder after he joins the French resistance to help patriotic citizens fight the Nazis.
These men became heroes to the local Belgian people. A museum and several memorials were established to honor and remember the brave young men who fought and died to liberate their country.

360 pages