Richard Bong: World War II Flying Ace


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Richard Bong: World War II Flying Ace

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By Pete Barnes

Who would have imagined a farm boy from Wisconsin would be the greatest air hero of World War 2? Richard Bong was an athletic and hard-working boy from northern Wisconsin. He dreamed of flying from the first time a plane buzzed low over his family farm. When war broke out, Richard left behind a life of sports, deer hunting, and farm chores to fly the new P-38 Lightning for the Army Air Force. Stationed in New Guinea, he shot down a total of 40 Japanese flyers in under 3 years. His accomplishments won this modest pilot the coveted title “Ace of Aces.”
Follow Bong as he navigates his way through basic training, flight school, and life on an overseas airbase. Watch as he takes to the skies in his P-38 fighter plane, outflying Japanese aircraft with barrel rolls, dives, and turns. Celebrate as he meets and marries the love of his life back home in Wisconsin, and mourn as his life comes to a swift and unexpected end during a training flight in California.

113 pages