Check Out Our Research Accommodations


Use of Richard Bong Veterans Historical Center (BVHC) collections is open to all interested persons.

On-site Research

  • Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    By appointment only
  • To make an appointment, email or call us at 715-392-7151

Off-site Research

The BVHC can accommodate research requests via telephone, mail, and e-mail. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for requests to be completed. If we cannot fulfill your request, BVHC staff will attempt to direct to the appropriate repository or source.


  • Research (first 2 hours free) $10.00/hour (Standard Fee)  $5.00/hour  (Member Fee)
  • Photocopy (B&W) $0.25 (Standard Fee) $0.10 (Member Fee)
  • 8×10 glossy photo $25.00 (Standard Fee) $15.00 (Member Fee)
  • Digital Scans (email, personal flashdrive) Free
  • Shipping is at  Cost


  • These prices are for personal use only.
  • Publication use may require additional fees (see our Permission to Publish form).
  • For special projects or for educational use, consult the BVHC, as different fees may apply

Research Request


  • To ensure the security of the collections, all personal items such as bags, briefcases, purses, backpacks, computer cases, packages, portfolios, folders, or envelopes are not permitted in the research area.
  • No smoking, eating (including candy or gum), or drinking is allowed in the research areas.
  • The BVHC reserves the right to refuse or limit access to any piece in our collection at the discretion of staff.

Obtaining Materials

  •  Research materials may not be borrowed or removed from BVHC.
  • Materials will not leave the designated area (e.g., collections room or designated reading room).
  • Researchers will not be allowed into the collection storage area unless accompanied by a designated BVHC staff member or volunteer.
  • The BVHC reserves the right to refuse to photograph or photocopy fragile or rare materials.
  • All materials must be retrieved and re-shelved by staff

Handling Materials

  • Only pencils may be used. Writing is not permitted on any piece of the collection. Researchers may use laptop computers in the reading room; however, the use of optical scanning equipment is not permitted. Reference photos may be taken by permission only. Photocopies are available at a nominal fee.
  • The designated staff member or volunteer will give you an overview on handling objects in our collection. Use clean hands when handling materials. White cotton gloves or latex gloves will be provided, if necessary.
  • Material should remain flat on the table and should not be held in the hands or in the lap.
  • Please keep all materials and objects in the order in which you find them.
  • Photos should never be removed from their protective photo sleeves.


  • Materials may be duplicated if reproduction does not injure the materials and does not violate donor agreements or copyright restrictions. Please see fee schedule.
  • All duplication of materials, whether by photocopying, photography, or other means, must be completed by BVHC staff only except in the case of reference photos allowed by prior permission (see above).
  • Obtaining copies of BVHC material does not imply the right to publish them. The museum must receive a request in writing, which describes the nature and purpose of the proposed use, publication or exhibition, and the exact material desired for use.

Restrictions on Use
The use of material may be restricted by law or by the donor. The BVHC may also restrict access to materials that are not arranged, are being cataloged, or are in fragile condition. In some cases, copies may be substituted for the originals.

Frequently Asked Questions - Research Related

Please contact BVHC to make an appointment to conduct research.
Phone: 715-392-7151
Or use the contact form on this page.

BVHC does not have a staff member dedicated to research requests. Researchers are asked to make appointments so that the staff can plan to be available for assistance. Many times staff can work with a patron via email and provide resources without a visit being needed.

Anyone with an appointment, member or non-member.

Please briefly describe your project or research question to the staff prior to your visit. The more specific you can be and the more details you can convey, the better able the staff will be to locate sources that meet your needs. Staff aims to have materials ready for your immediate use when you arrive on site.

You may bring in a laptop or iPad. Materials may be photographed using a cell phone, iPad, or camera but no additional lighting may be used in the research room. All food and drink and bags must be left outside the room and pencils are to be used when taking notes.

BVHC does not lend out materials. Researchers are encouraged to take notes or make copies of relevant resources, scheduling multiple appointments if it is not possible to get through all the materials in one appointment.

BVHC does not have an online catalog for researchers to use. Researchers must work with staff to describe their project or question and the staff will locate the resources needed.

  • Contact your local Veterans Service Office to get started.
    • Douglas County Veterans Service Office:
  •  Contact the National Archives to request the service records of a family member:
  • Here’s a Geneology Resources to help in your search for military records.