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Oral History Project

About the Program

The Richard I Bong Veterans Historical Center seeks to record the first-hand experiences of men and women who served in the military. The purpose of collecting these stories is to honor our veterans and guarantees that these important narratives are preserved for and shared with future generations. The oral history interviews become primary sources that are used in internal and external research, exhibits, and educational programs. We currently have over 500 interviews in the collection and it continues to grow.

Your story is also extremely important for family members and descendants, too. As a courtesy a CD copy of your interview will be mailed to you after the interview.

Who Interviews Me?

Adult volunteers, who are usually veterans themselves, are trained to conduct the interviews.

Yes! I want to tell my story.

Accessing Interviews

In-Person: Interviews and/or transcripts are available for in-house research.  Please contact us to schedule a research visit.

By Mail: CD copies of interviews are available for $10, plus $2 postage and handling.

The Best Stories!

The Bong Veterans Center has a large collection of audio and video oral histories. In an effort to make these histories more accessible to the public we are now posting selected interview segments and full-length interviews online.

The following list includes processed interviews. Click on the link to access an interview’s audio, summary, and—if available—transcript. For information about obtaining a copy of an oral history contact us. 

Veteran Stories