New Mini Exhibits at the Bong Center

The Bong Center has put together two new displays this fall. 

Edith Schultz: A European Homefront Experience tells the refugee story of a young German woman living in Poland.  Separated from her parents during the chaos of German invasion, she finds herself traveling through Germany and Czechoslovakia seeking safety.  The exhibit features artifacts from her time in a Russian POW camp and powerful excerpts from her diary. 

Beauty from the Battlefield, our new “Trench Art” exhibit, features a wide variety of art made by men and women living in battle zones or POW camps.  Made from easily accessible materials like shell casings, the items include ashtrays, lamps, lighters and salt and pepper shakers.  Even during the stress of war, the creativity witnessed through these objects is remarkable. 

Come visit the Bong Center and experience these exhibits for yourself!

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